n i n e

NINE years ago this very day, a special relationship began between an awkward, quiet, somewhat sarcastic fourteen year old girl and a funny, charming, shy sixteen year old boy.

I’m sure my parents were terrified.

We were in the same church youth group and got to know each other one summer working with the same group of kids at Vacation Bible School. I was smitten. Ladies, if you meet a guy that can spend 5 hours a day for a whole week running around with kids and teaching them about Jesus, MARRY HIM. I’m just sayin’.

Over the next few months we spent time together at youth group and we saw each other at school. And of course, we chatted on AIM (AOL instant messenger). Shout out, anyone? That’s where the magic always happens. We were chatting online the day after a pretty decent snowfall (at least around these parts) and then…  I’m pretty sure it went something like,

“Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”

Any my answer, was of course,


Done and done.

Maybe it’s not the most exciting, romantic, spectacular pronouncement of love. Yet, here we are, nine years later. And it’s totally us. I’m not usually one for sappy confessions of love, but sometimes you just gotta let the man know how you feel. Am I right?

For our first wedding anniversary, I gave Justin a framed list of 25 things I love about being married to him. I thought I’d share them with you. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get some of them… we love a good inside joke. Without further ado…

25 Things… I love about being married to you

1)      You always put away my strawberry knife without complaining.
2)       You will go to Moe’s with me for dinner, even if you’ve already been there for lunch.
3)      You laugh at FRIENDS just as much as I do
4)      I brush my teeth better because I don’t want to stop brushing before you do.
5)      I get to watch you become an amazing youth leader
6)       You will always get out of bed and get my phone because I forgot to plug it in
7)      You help push me when we’re skateboarding so I don’t get too tired
8)      You don’t like to work out just as much as me
9)      I never have to install my own computer updates
10)   Our kids might have curly hair!
11)   You say you like my cooking, even when I think it’s a bust
12)   I never have to wash my own car
13)   When you wake up in the morning you love me more than the night before
14)   You let me wear your socks when we work out
15)   You honk at people who tailgate me
16)   I never forget my phone when I go to work
17)   You never complain about the hair in the bathroom
18)   I have 24/7 access to kiss your cheek whenever I want
19)   We don’t have to stand in the doorway for 25 minutes saying goodnight.
20)   You are so incredibly good at speaking to 120 teenagers… and they listen to you!
21)   I know you’re going to make the perfect dad.
22)   You surprise me by making homemade pizza all by yourself.
23)   You’re always willing to learn new things
24)   You encourage me to be a better person
25)   Being married to you is everything I ever hoped it would be.

JB – thanks for sticking it out with me for 9 years… here’s to another 91.

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3 Responses to n i n e

  1. esther. says:

    If only I was clever enough to come up with twenty five things I like about this blog post.
    Alas, I only have the attention span for three.

    (1) This makes me miss the both of you, like woah.
    (2) You two still have the best married couple vibe of any married couple I know.
    (3) I love you!

  2. Brier says:

    VOMIT. i love and miss you both. 🙂 ps. i believe i was there for that christmas photo shoot….just saying. or maybe i’ve just seen it a million times before.

  3. Artaxerxes says:

    I can’t wait until I have known Justin for 9 years. 2.5 down.

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