all the way from china

I always love browsing through the Before and After section on Design*Sponge. If we are yard sale-ing it for new pieces I like to check out what they have going on over there before we head out. It really helps you to see the potential in old, ugly pieces.

Just thinking about it makes me weak in the knees.

Must….sand… paint…. upholster.. .. refinish!

When we bought our house, the previous owners asked if we wanted them to leave their china cabinet, which I thought was pretty darn nice. (Although between you and me, I’m pretty sure they just didn’t want to move it.) So of course I accepted it, hoping to transform it. With a bit of sanding, some primer, 2 coats of some semi-gloss and a LOT of time (those moldings are tiny!) it has definitely become one of my favorite pieces in our house.

I really wanted a pop of color in the background, so a used some spray adhesive to attach some paper to the back of the shelves. I considered using wallpaper, but it can get pricey if you don’t want 70’s floral, and since I only wanted to use it for this project, I found some scrapbook paper I liked and cut it down to size. If you count that the cabinet was free, the whole project was less than $20!

Keep checking back for more makeover magic!

P.S. Thanks Esther, for the amazing Anthropolie glasses… they totally complete the look!

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3 Responses to all the way from china

  1. esther. says:

    Holla atcha girl!

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  3. Jackie says:

    Do you happen to know if the spray adhesive would damage the wood? I want to do this to my china cabinet as well but it’s a family heirloom and I don’t want to ruin it, especially because I’m pretty sure I’ll get sick of the paper in the background in a few months anyway

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