When I was a kid we had a tire swing. Not a small, pansy tire swing… this thing was legit.  I’m pretty sure the tire came off a combine tractor or some other ridiculously large piece of farm equipment. We used to push it super high and do some pretty dangerous “underdogs”. Who doesn’t want their kids doing that?

The tire swing is a really memorable part of my childhood. When I was a kid, we lived in a 100 year old farmhouse on a lot of acreage, so we were always having big bonfire nights with friends and family. The tire swing was definitely the main event for the kiddos. You know those things that just give you warm fuzzy feelings? Like a good book, a glass of iced tea and a cool summer evening? Or a secret spot you found on vacation that’s quiet and not at all touristy? (Or, if you’re JB,  playing xbox live all day in an empty house?) Well our tire swing is one of those things. It’s just good. It’s the perfect place to swing and think and let the world get quiet.

When we moved out of that house, we lost our tire swing tree, so the swing sat in a warehouse for about 10 years. Until….lo and behold… a tire swing tree in our very own back yard!

(I’m pretty sure that’s why my mom wanted us to buy the house in the first place).

So one Saturday afternoon in October my dad got out his tall, scary ladder and he and JB put up the swing.

Pure bliss…

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