I’m not usually one for making resolutions, which is good I suppose since it’s January 13 and the first two (almost) weeks of 2011 have already slipped by me unnoticed. But I do know myself, and I if I don’t take the time to consciously decide what I want to do, I won’t do any of it. I’ll just end up “relaxing” and losing myself in countless hours of television. What? Those episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker aren’t going to watch themselves.

So instead of calling them “resolutions” we’ll consider the following to be “Things I Hope to Do” in 2011.

Here we go…

Ride my bike on the boardwalk. I got a new bike for Christmas this year and it’s so cussing cold outside I haven’t had the chance to really ride it yet. I’ve always been nervous to ride my old bike on the boardwalk at the beach for two reasons a) it’s hideous, and I’m pretty sure that you CAN die from embarrassment, and b) it’s pretty sketchy. The back wheel is bent and wobbles back and forth when you ride it. I haven’t really thought much about the way I’d choose to die, but flinging over the handlebars of a gold spray-painted bent-up bike is definitely not on the list.

Start a blog – finally. Guess you know how this one turned out. Let’s see how long it sticks.

Grow a flower garden. Last year we started our very own vegetable garden with a few flowers in it, but this year I’m thinking something more dramatic in the flower department. My inspiration is the home of the French family I was assigned to when I studied in France during the summer of 2007. Comme ça.

Make a new friend. Any takers?

Learn how to can. As in canning fruits, veggies, compotes, sauces… the works! It’s always seemed a bit intimidating to me, what with the boiling water and sterilization and such, but hopefully this is year I can get over the fear of blowing up my kitchen and go for it.

Photo credit

Go on a trip. Anywhere. Not like, to the Walmart (this is not college in Cleveland, TN, people). I mean a trip somewhere fun! And out of the ordinary. (Also, I am taking donations for this particular 2011 “Thing I want to do”. Please make all checks out to me. mmkay, thanks!)

Organize/Redecorate our third bedroom. When we bought our house we knew we would have extra space for “the future” (read: kiddos), but since “the future” isn’t here yet, our third bedroom has been sitting empty ever since our friend Brier reclaimed her bedroom set. Its current state is pretty shocking. Don’t judge me for my horrendous housekeeping skills. You know you have a room just like this in your house… or at least a drawer or something.

(How does that even happen?)

Start a business. This is something I would like to have already done; I’m just waiting for my inspiration to hit! I love business – it was my major in college and surprisingly, I didn’t choose it just because “you can do anything with it.” Except for accounting. I hated accounting. Credits? Debits? I don’t get it! But the rest of it I really loved. I especially like the entrepreneurial stuff. Plus, I would get to work from home and be my own boss!

Make homemade marshmallows. Again, I think the mess of it all scares me… and I wonder if they’re really any better than the cheap store-bought ones. I think I just have to know for myself… and who can say no to homemade marshmallows dusted in powdered sugar? Not I.

Photo credit

. . . . . . . . .

I’m excited for 2011. What do YOU want to do this year?

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7 Responses to twenty.eleven

  1. esther. says:

    Pretty much all of what you want to do is what I want to do.

    Weird how that happens.

    And that we both have an extra bedroom that looks like chaos.

  2. Cindy Dunn says:

    Jess, I think you should come to CONGO this year! 🙂 You know someone here AND you have a place to stay. What’s not to love about that?

  3. Brier says:

    homemade marshmellows are disgusting. have tried. not the same.

    you can have my bedroom furniture back….i think i got the job!!!!!!

  4. Shannah P. says:

    Homemade marshmallows look awesome! we should make some….just to see…and this year it’s my goal to see my business soar…thanks a lot to you, your inspiration and talent for business!

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