good habits

Here’s a little FF for you. A little Fun Fact: I am the worst at making dinner at home. I mean, I can cook. I prefer baking (usually because you get more oooh’s and ahh’s when you bake something), but I can cook pretty well too. Sometimes it just seems like such a chore, when really, honey, don’t you just want cereal tonight?

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it, especially if I’m not making anything new or fancy. Well sometimes you just have to find new ways to be fancy.

So I thought I would try Jami’s solution over at ‘from the natos’ : cloth napkins

So this weekend I sat down to sew some napkins. I don’t think I’ve used cloth napkins since I was a kid. In our house we’ve just been using paper towels. Not only are paper towels ugly, but they’re expensive and make it feel like our table is in a corner at a fast food restaurant.

Cloth napkins and table runners and pretty dishes help to make dinner feel like it’s a special event. I realize that this doesn’t just magically change the dinner dynamic, but hey, if it gets me excited to make dinner at home and eat together as a family, than I’m all for it. It’s all about making good habits, people.

(Keep in mind I am a VERY amateur seamstress and probably couldn’t follow a real pattern to save my life… But for the basic tutorial for the napkins, go here. I made my borders a bit larger cause I wanted to see that color!)

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3 Responses to good habits

  1. Brier says:

    good job. now start cooking. when i move home i expect to resume eating dinner at your house once a week. 🙂

  2. esther. says:

    Look at those skillz.

  3. Artaxerxes says:

    I like. Your napkins make me want to make you dinner.

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