hot and fresh out ‘ the kitchen

Today I thought I’d share about our biggest home renovation so far: the kitchen.

When we bought the house, the kitchen was probably the worst part, even more so than the living room. The funny thing is, we didn’t even think twice about buying the house because of the kitchen. We saw the potential in it. Aside from being the largest kitchen we had seen in our house hunt, it didn’t have much going for it.

Among its many offenders, there was the horrible 70’s vinyl and wallpaper, outdated cabinets (though they were in pretty great shape), poor lighting, and (gasp!) no dishwasher!

The layout was also rather bizarre. Though at first glance there appears to be a decent amount of counter space, the majority of it was clear across the room from the appliances and sink. So you’d pretty much have to prep on one side and carry everything across the kitchen to cook it!

So we recruited my dad and uncle to help us transform it, which was amazing because we certainly didn’t have all of the DIY skill required for such a large project. When we peeled back the wallpaper, (okay, when my mom peeled off the wallpaper), we discovered several other layers hidden underneath.

Besides deciding to totally renovate the entire kitchen, we also thought we’d go ahead and knock out the wall that separated the kitchen from the formal living room that really closed it off. We knew we would lose those upper cabinets, but we knew the openness would be worth it.

I literally have no idea what was going on with the ceiling. It looked like it was painted with high gloss paint and had absorbed about 40 years worth of cooking grease. Now thatwill get your appetite going. Before we could re-paint the ceiling we used a mop and some commercial grade cleaner to get the grime off. mmm… fun. I thought I had just a picture of it, but it looks like you get to see the iPhone home video instead!

We decided to go with dark cabinets and a lighter countertop for a more modern feel. We even scored these super sleek long drawer pulls off of Ebay for about ¼ of the price from the hardware store. We worked hard to find the best deals possible. Apparently if you move, Lowes will send you a 20% off coupon, so we saved a lot of our big purchases to buy at once and get the savings. We also went through our real estate agent’s partnership with Sears to buy our appliances at 20% off. We saved 10% on our countertops from Home Depot for shopping around and buying them on the right weekend!

After about a month of living in dust, eating fast food, stepping over some pretty dangerous tools and coming home to chaos, we were finally done! And here is the finished product!

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11 Responses to hot and fresh out ‘ the kitchen

  1. Leslie Brennan says:

    Love it!

  2. Christi Tuggle says:

    The napkins are lookin’ good sittin’ there on the table!

  3. Brier says:

    Loves it. Just waiting for me to come eat dinner with you 🙂 The ceiling is gross. I never knew that!

  4. Ruth Hochstetler says:

    That was worth waiting for, wasn’t it. It looks so lovely. I enjoyed the pictures.

  5. Justin says:

    I hated cleaning that ceiling. I got the most dirtiest water all over me from it dripping all on me. yum

  6. Tricia says:

    Hi Jess. The kitchen looks amazing! You guys should be so proud! It must have been an exhausting process, but so worth the final outcome. Great job!

    I featured your kitchen remodel on my blog today. Just wanted to share the love.


  7. Trisha – Thanks so much for the love and your comments! It’s so surreal to see my kitchen on someone else’s blog! Surreal but exciting. It was definitely a process, but I really enjoy the “transforming” process… not the chaos, of course, but the rest I like! I could probably flip houses for a living if it wouldn’t drive my hubby bonkers…

    Enjoy your snow day with your petunias! The hot cocoa looks great.


  8. Jennifer says:

    Wow Jess, just stumbled upon you blog. The update looks great! You always had a great eye for style

  9. Shannah P. says:

    unbelievably amazing! If i haven’t of seen it in real life I’m not sure I could believe the awesome transformation 😉

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