right now

Right now I am…

:: reading bird by bird by Anne Lamott…again. I started reading it this summer, but I work a 9-5 job and apparently if someone places a hold on a book you have from the library they make you give it back. And since I am too cheap to buy the books I actually want to read, I surrendered it rather unwillingly, but without dramatics. I am enjoying her clever outlook on writing as a paradoxical disciplined art and thinking about this little space here of mine.

:: loving the bright sunny Clementine Sherbet that I made this weekend. It is bringing a little bit of spring to this dreary bleak Monday. It’s the perfect citrus treat!

:: appreciating my dear sweet husband for all that he does around this home of ours. Have you ever known a man that does dishes, laundry, vacuuming and everything in between? He is the bomb-diggity (even if he does like to play video games once in a while).

:: enjoying new boots to keep my toes toasty! (I am also enjoying the oil heat that was just refilled – even if we won’t be able to send our kiddos to college because of it. Trade school, here we come !)

:: planning a weekend getaway someplace fun. It’s about that time of year to pick up everything and escape. Hopefully to see these jokers…

:: smiling at some pictures from the weekend… we spent Sunday with a friend and her sweet family practicing our babying skills.

:: wishing you a Happy Monday and a wonderful start to your week!

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4 Responses to right now

  1. esther. says:

    i just started crying.

    no really. real tears.

  2. esther. says:


    that last picture > you two are SO natural.

  3. Brier says:

    E don’t cry! I need a phone date soon. Jeeesss your bloggers is amazing. So is your hubs. Pizza date repeat again soon. kthxbye.

  4. Artaxerxes says:

    I miss our hangouts like whoa. I am trying to invent a way that I get to spend most of my last two years of med-school (that would be 2014 and 2015 (seems far away but it’s not)) back in the 757.

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