the one with the rocking chair

When we finally got some furniture into our front living/family room area, I started to get really excited about how it was coming together. For the first 9 months we lived in the house, the only thing in that room was our purple rug and the china cabinet. Oh and for a while we had some folding chairs… classy. We debated for a while on what type of furniture to get, mostly because we weren’t sure yet how we would use the room.

After a weekend trip to IKEA we made a good start with some larger pieces, but we still had one very empty corner. Personally, I would have been fine just leaving the Christmas tree in that corner all year, but I thought our guests might find it uncomfortable to sit on.

So we set out to find something that wouldn’t break the bank, but look nice in the space. This brings me to my next point…

Chairs are freaking expensive! Like, firstborn child expensive. Especially the ones that I like… so we went with a cheaper free option.

Parents, especially my parents, are great resources. This includes free furniture… and free dinners. When I was born, my dad bought my mom a gliding rocking chair. It was always in our house growing up, but when my parents got new living room furniture a few years ago, it made its way up to their attic. After 20-some years of some serious love, not only were the cushions outdated, they were pretty dirty. The chair itself was in great condition, so I thought I would recover it.

Keep in mind, my sewing skills would probably make Martha Stewart sweat profusely and mutter profanity under her breath… she would never say anything like that out loud. Wait, maybe that’s Miss Manners? I always forget Martha is an ex-con. I would totally let her design my prison cell. Anyway, I’m definitely not skilled in that area, but we made it work. I’ll spare you the hack job details and show you the how it turned out.

The whole project only cost about $15 in material. I used outdoor upholstery because I wanted it to be sturdy and stain resistant. All in all, I think I’m pretty happy with it! Besides, you can’t argue with free furniture… or free dinner.

Update: Here is the chair in 1988 when my parents got it… I’m gonna have cute babies!

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3 Responses to the one with the rocking chair

  1. Justin says:

    Free dinners are the best!

  2. esther. says:

    sexay beast of a chair.

  3. Brier says:

    Martha would sweat and mutter profanity under her breath at my closet. Upon my return to southern VA, I need some serious closet makeover help of the BFF. Adorable chair miss.

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