ebb and flow

If you were to look at our December family calendar and then at our January calendar, you might think that our personal event coordinator resigned because we were too high maintenance. December was full of parties and get-togethers and meetings while January has been, well, empty. Sometimes life just slows down. I suppose that’s a good thing since December was pretty exhausting. January has been filled with slow weekends and non-eventful weeks in between. It has been routine. Routine sounds so bad, so boring, so un-blog-worthy, but really, it’s in the times of routine that we find peace and settle into the tidal ebb and flow of life.

In the everyday we have been enjoying time together relaxing and getting small projects done, taking time to read, napping and trying to do better in getting ourselves to the gym. We did have some excitement this weekend though, much of it revolving around the teenage variety.

Friday night we went to an Admirals hockey game with a few students from the youth group. It was a pretty great game that went past overtime into a shoot out! Unfortunately, the Admirals lost… if only they had used the “Flying V” formation!! (Mighty Ducks, anyone?)

Saturday night we had a game night for the teens at the church. Most of it revolved around Call of Duty for the fellas and Just Dance 2 for the ladies… there’s nothing like shaking it with a bunch of teenage girls to Ke$ha.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some ebbing and flowing to get back to…

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