spring time the only pretty ring time

I used to think that summer was my favorite season… that is until I stopped getting the summer off. It turns out that when you grow up and get a real job, they don’t pay you not to be there for three months. I know, bummer, right? My mom was right; I should have been a teacher.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy summertime, but there is just something about spring that gets you excited and planning and ready for something new. Plus, it’s not as hot and sticky and you don’t have to wear shorts in public.  Maybe spring is so great because you’ve been cooped up inside for 3 or 4 months, or maybe it’s because you finally get to ride your new bike that you got for Christmas, or maybe because you can open your windows and stop paying hundreds of dollars a month in heating oil. In any case, spring always seems to hold hope for a fresh start… the beginning of a garden, new lights on the patio, spring cleaning (not that I would know), fresh new foods to cook with, longer and lighter days, and comfortable walks around the neighborhood. Besides, spring is just the beginning of summer anyway.

I am trying to do this new thing where I am content when and where I am, but I can’t help myself… It’s February 1 and I’m hoping that tomorrow that little groundhog does whatever he is supposed to do so that spring will be here sooner rather than later. I am thinking about vegetable planting, flower garden planning and neighborhood walking. I can’t wait to be out on the back porch eating dinner or starting a fire when the night gets chilly.

And this year is going to be GOOD. We are going bigger and better with the garden this year baby! Last year we had LOTS of tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, a few peppers, some green beans, cantaloupe and an herb garden. This year I’m hoping for more peppers (of the hot variety), broccoli, squash and cucumbers in addition to last year’s bounty. I’m excited to start my seeds! Not so excited about the weeding part which kind of got away from us last year, but there’s time to worry about that later.

** All photos courtesy of Justin’s iPhone

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