the one in blacksburg

This weekend we took advantage of the “holiday” and went to Blacksburg to visit Casey and Esther. It’s taken me a bit longer to write about this weekend than I anticipated, but how do you write about people who are so much a part of you?

There are no words.

Simply put, it was good. If God can say, “It was good” after the creation of the world, than surely I can say it about this weekend. There was much hugging, chatting, eating… oh, the eating. And there was a lot of this…

Justin picked me up early from work on Friday and we hit the road. I love driving through that part of the state… it always reminds me that so much of America is really rural. And while I probably couldn’t live that far away from a Target, I always find myself dreaming about living in an old farm house on a lake with no neighbors in sight.

We settled in Friday night and had spaghetti nests with ground turkey and garlic bread. Why does dinner always taste better when someone else cooks?

Saturday we started the morning out late right. Friends let friends sleep in on the weekend, BY the way. Casey whipped us up some of the most amazing thick, fluffy chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, cantaloupe (prepared by Justin) and French press coffee… There is no better way to start your day.

After breakfast we headed out to Roanoke and visited the market and some local shops and visit the Roanoke Star to check out the view. We came home with some honey sticks and a local brew.

Sunday we Sabbath-ed it up right with books and movies and a whole lotta re-lax-ation. And of course, what’s a good weekend without a little fort building?

Weekends like this make me realize just how important community is. Community isn’t just hanging out with other people; it’s what makes us come alive. It’s late night conversations about real-life struggles and hopes and dreams. It reminds you to be honest and open and communicate what’s inside. It relates us to other people in an unimaginable way. It reminds us that we are not alone and that others have the same challenges. Community refreshes our spirit. Community is good.

May your weekend be filled with fellowship, fun and festivities…with friends.

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5 Responses to the one in blacksburg

  1. esther. says:

    Well said, my friend. Touches me right in my heart!

  2. Sarah King says:

    Funny, I was just thinking about the Roanoke Star:) Thanks for the pics of Blacksburg/Roanoke. Takes me back to the time I lived there. I really miss that area!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Where did you find the honey sticks on the market in Roanoke?! I need to buy some for an upcoming event and would love to buy locally rather than online if I can.

    • Stephanie – The honey sticks were either from Sumdat Market or Thomas’ Market (I can’t remember which one!) They are right next to each other on Market Street, right next to Walkabout Outfitters. It’s a cute county store with local honey and some specialty beer and wine… hope that helps!

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