goodbye winter!

Such a lovely weekend we’ve had! This has been the first weekend that has truly felt like spring, and that hasn’t had wind gusts of 30 mph! If there is any type of weather that I really can’t handle, it’s windy. At least when it’s cold you can bundle up, and when it’s hot you can wear shorts and tanks tops and run in the sprinkler. But this weekend was perfect. No wind, just sunny and warm.

Saturday we spent some time running errands, although going to Trader Joe’s makes grocery shopping feel more fun. Our favorite local BBQ spot is right across the street, so we made a day of it… we even stopped to grab some cupcakes for later! Then it was home for a bike ride before heading out to meet some friends for dinner.

Sunday Justin spoke to the teens at church and played some games. Then we convinced my dad to help up cut down one of the many unkempt trees in our yard. It felt so good to finally do it since we’ve been talking about it ever since we bought the house! The yard looks so much more open now and a lot less like some crazy lady with 25 cats and 2 goldfish lives there.

When we finished we met Justin’s parents for pizza..mmm… spicy sauce!  I’m hoping to get some more yard work done next weekend if the weather is nice. Goodbye winter, hello spring! Hope you all are having a great week.. enjoy our weekend in pictures!

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