We had such a beautiful weekend here on the east coast. Lots of outdoor time and lots of local festivals going on out of doors. I don’t remember going to many of the annual festivities as a kid, but as the husband and I have made this place our home, we’ve ventured out to some more of the local hot spots to check out the goings-on. I’m hoping to go to more this summer.

Last Thursday night we went to Greek Fest In Norfolk for the first time with Brier and Scott. It was a blasty-blast. The festival is basically just a weekend filled with fun, food, dancing and really loud greek music. The food AH-maz-ing. It was a perfectly warm night that didn’t even require a sweater! I had a yummy gyro and Justin went for the chicken kabobs with rice pilaf and greeny-beanies. And for dessert – Loukoumades. Good lord in heaven, sweet fried dough slathered in honey and served piping hot. I think the four of us ate an entire pound of those tempting treats.

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  1. esther. says:

    Driving around Norfolk, eh?

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