weekend getaway

(I am so bummed I forgot my camera on this trip, so please enjoy the photos from Justin’s iPhone!)

Okay… so I’m a little late getting to our Memorial Day weekend trip, but better late than never right? (Maybe I should make that the new name of the blog, eh?) So since we had a three day weekend compliments of Uncle Sam, we really wanted to make the most of it. I find that I enjoy weekends with a perfect balance of fun and productivity. Sometimes when I’m just sitting in my office all day, I don’t really get the feeling of accomplishment that I usually get when I do things around the house and I can SEE my progress. So we decided that Friday/Saturday would be our productive part of the weekend, followed by a fun-filled and relaxing Sunday/Monday.

Sunday afternoon we headed out to Richmond. After we got settled in at the Westin (great location for those thinking of visiting, BT dubs), we had dinner at The Black Sheep. The restaurant was such a tiny hole-in-the-wall that I actually passed it, and then proceeded to turn around on a one-way street. That was super fun. There may or may not have been tears involved when I then rammed Justin’s car into the curb. I can’t really say.

But the food TOTALLY redeemed the awkward location. We knew the subs there we’re epic, but even still I think we underestimated it. We attempted to finish a whole USS Brooklyn between the two of us, but I assure you we could have split a half. It was super delish with jerk chicken, cabbage, peach chutney and banana ketchup. It was a really bizarre combination, but sooo so good. Yeah… this was all ONE sandwich.

After dinner we walked around Carrytown, Richmond’s indie shopping district and stopped into Bev’s Homemade Icecream. I got black raspberry and Justin got banana… yum. So we strolled, and soaked up summer.

To end the evening we made our way to the suspended walking bridge that hangs across the James River. It was a really great weekend with really great food, and especially good company.

I really love taking trips like this, even if it’s just a couple hours away from home. It’s good to have a little bit of adventure every once in a while, and I think it’s really great for our relationship too. It’s nice to be away from everything and everyone and to just rest and relax. In a few weeks we’ll be taking another quick weekend trip to see some friends of ours get married, and then they’ll be moving back to the area… I am so excited!!

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One Response to weekend getaway

  1. Justin says:

    The bridge photo looks like there an earthquake happening. High five

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