Gardening Part Deux

Remember these guys?

Well they grew… and grew. And while I was getting my act straight trying to put this post together, they grew some more. I am officially being over taken by basil. Basil and green beans. I may have gone a little crazy with the green beans. They are now officially hovering over our cucumbers and stealing all of the hot, hot sun we’ve been having lately.

Since the last post on the garden, our seedlings finally made it into the ground. Last year none of our seedlings survived, so we ended up purchasing all of our plants. This year I was determined to make at least some of them survive the transition from their cushy indoor life into the wild the backyard. I will admit to all four of you that read this blog that MOST of them died. But lo and behold – one of my tomato plants survived and is, dare I say, thriving!

As fun as it is to buy plants and nurture them until they produce fruit, it is so gratifying to plant something from seed – a teeny, tiny seed – and see it grow into an amazing plant that feeds you! We haven’t harvested much yet, besides herbs. The mixed greens were a little slow to get going, but are about time for picking. The tomatoes are still green, but getting bigger everyday. Last night I picked about 5 cups of basil and made some pesto to freeze for the upcoming weeks. I can’t wait for peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes!

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