Fest in the Harbor

This past weekend, Justin and I ventured down to Harbor Fest on the Waterside in Norfolk. Harbor Fest is like Greek Fest without as many gyros. Although I DID end up having a gyro for dinner. But then, who can say no to Greek food from a cart? So we meandered in and out of the crowds along the docks and snapped a few photos of boats and the water. We were hoping to stay for the fireworks but ended up leaving early because a huge thunderstorm rolled through.

Either way we had a great night listening to some music, eating good fest food and hey, it got me out of sweatpants for the evening.

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2 Responses to Fest in the Harbor

  1. esther. says:

    look at all that waterrrrrrrr.

  2. Shannah P. says:

    You make this look like so much fuuuun! We want to go with you next year. 🙂

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