In the summertime

Happy Summer Solstice! Make today a good day… it’s the longest one of the year.

In honor of summer, I have committed myself to a new, creative challenge. Some of you might know that Justin is in the middle of his second year of a 365 Photo project and he takes a photo every day. Some days it is something we did or saw, and other days it’s obscure or abstract. I love looking at the photos from last year and remember what we were doing and the adventures we went on. It’s one of the reasons I decided to start this blog – to document our lives for both us and the future mini versions of us. 

This summer, in my effort to embrace the season for all that it is, I have decided to take a photo a day, everyday during the summer, and post it here for your viewing pleasure. It may have something to do with summer or it may not.

I am hoping to see a marked difference in both my practical photography skills and in my creative eye for capturing the beauty of summertime life.

I will be posting my photos whenever I get around to it periodically over the summer… check back to see my summer in photos!

(P.S. The pictures in this post aren’t mine – wop, wop. Click on each image to see it’s original source.)

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2 Responses to In the summertime

  1. Shannah P. says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see! 🙂

  2. Ann McNamara says:

    Jessica. What a great idea to remember each day in picture form. I have always believed we have a special picture memory place in our brains for our mindkeepers for special times… but life is lived day to day and you will capture so much more into your mindkeeper!!. Keep blogging, I feel like I am getting to know you and I appreciate you as a wonderful gift from God. (((HUGS))) Aunt Ann

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