Inspiration Workshop v. 4

Today I am linking up with Maggie over at Gussy Sews and participating in her Inspiration Workshop. I love the idea of being inspired each and every week. I have to be honest – sitting at a desk all day is probably the BEST way to drain any inspiration you may have.

This week’s prompt was “Spend the Day Playing.” If I had a free day, how would I spend it? I thought this was such a perfect prompt to kick off the first week of summer, so I was inspired (it’s working!) to use this week’s prompt as my summertime wish / to-do list!

This summer I want to:

Pick peaches… lots and lots of peaches. I grew up eating fresh peaches all summer in cereal, ice cream or just fresh from the hot sun. I can’t wait to head down to Knott’s Island and get me some juicy peaches. 

                                                                                                                                                           Go to the LAKE! Smith Mountain Lake to be exact. This place always has me thinking deeper, playing harder and appreciating more than any other place on earth. It really deserves its own post. Mental note.

Read on the beach. This is probably my favorite part about vacation. I love lounging on the beach late into the afternoon when families are packing up and the water pools at your feet as the tide goes out… and it’s just you and your book soaking up every ounce of bliss you can. 

Bike riding! I am still hoping to take my new cruiser out on the boardwalk at the beach this summer. 

I could go on and on… and on. But these are some of my favorite summer pastimes that I am stoked about this summer.

How do you spend your day playing?

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One Response to Inspiration Workshop v. 4

  1. esther. says:

    This makes me miss you even harder than I already did.

    My short list :
    (1) blueberry picking & possibly asparagus too (don’t know if we have peaches up in the mountains)
    (2) dreaming up a design for moving cards
    (3) beach/water/pool/river/lake….TAN
    (4) researching & inventing creative & delicious meals
    (5) stationery and hand-written letters

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