Summer Photo Series v. 1

I’m so excited to share the first installment of my Summer Photo Series, where I am taking a photo a day throughout the summer. This has been a really fun challenge thus far, especially on the days when I come home from work, hit the gym, get dinner ready and remember I need to take a picture! It’s been a great reminder for a non-photographer like myself to remember to take my camera everywhere and to really take the time to get to learn to use it. Here we go…

6.20.11 | Kicking off summer right with BBQ with the parents

6.21.11 | Serving the City with the youth group and playing with the kids from the mobile home park

6.22.11 | Pre-anniversary flowers from the husband of 3.0 years

6.24.11 | Anniversary date to Aldo’s and the beach with JB

6.25.11 | Lettuce, green beans and basil from the most recent garden harvest 

6.26.11 | A lazy Sunday afternoon at the grandparent’s pool

6.27.11 | Making stuffed zucchini for dinner

6.28.11 | Water balloon games at youth group

6.29.11 | Delivering a wedding gift (the karaoke of the evening not pictured)

6.30.11 | Summertime Margaritas

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