Summer Photo Series v. 2

It has been radio-silence here on the blog this week. I have been cooking up some new things I am pretty excited about (both literally and figuratively.) I am hoping to introduce some serious changes to the blog and have been spending time trying to get all of it together! I also want to get my 4th of July photos up… we had SUCH a great vacation weekend. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the next installment in the Summer Photo Series.

7.1.11 | A night at the Tide’s baseball game… go Norfolk! 

7.2.11 | Ending a perfect summer day with a bike ride (preceded by a swim at the pool and a day-date movie)

7.3.11 | Fireworks at Chesapeake City Park with friends and family

7.4.11 | Dinner and a night of heated games on the 4th

7.5.11 | Popsicles after youth group on Tuesday

 7.6.11 | A light summer shower and dinner with J’s family

7.7.11 | A storm is a brewin’ at the Brew house

7.8.11 | A CLEAN bathroom courtesy of my amazing husband

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One Response to Summer Photo Series v. 2

  1. esther. says:

    I love getting a glimpse of your daily life. I just might have to copy you.

    Miss you, boo!

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