Couple Date

We have been having a great time lately with our friends, Michael and Heather, who just recently got married and moved into our area. Good friends are hard to come by, especially those of the married variety.

Plus, I’m pretty picky.

We are so excited that they are both finally living here. Earlier this month we went out for collective haircuts (is that weird to do with other people?) pizza, and of course, doughnuts. What date night is complete without doughnuts?

 We hit up one of my favorites, California Pizza Kitchen in Virginia Beach. It was a really beautiful night so we opted to eat on the patio. There was some live, jazzy slash cover music going on across the square and we sipped drinks and enjoyed our pizza.

 After dinner we were past Krispy Kreme and I swear I could feel the car veering off the road towards the lit “Hot and Ready” sign in the parking lot. We got a dozen doughnuts and despite our intentions to save them for a movie snack, we devoured them while watching the doughnuts fry through the window to the kitchen. Couple dates are always the most fun!

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One Response to Couple Date

  1. This is the best! Such a fun night 🙂

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